About the Author

Oliver Greene lost over 85 pounds of fat (safely, over the course of 12 months) and is no longer considered clinically obese.

His story and personal transformation have inspired people from all over the world, and his mission is to keep spreading the word. He is able to help people overcome what he calls the “menace of obesity” via the internet (with a website, social media profiles, YouTube videos and appearing on a variety of podcasts and radio shows).

Here is a little background to Oliver’s dramatic transformation:

Mr Greene was diagnosed as clinically obese in 2002 after fighting weight issues for more than fifteen years. His weight issues began when he became a little overweight, but didn’t think it was a serious problem. He later became fat and this deteriorated into clinical obesity a few years later.

After a very serious illness and near loss of his life in 2008 (which now confines him to a wheelchair), Oliver became determined to lose the weight. At this time, he faced the facts of his laziness and unhealthy lifestyle and made a decision to change. He says it was probably the toughest decision of his life.

His negative (living for the moment) attitude had to be smashed so that the focus of his life could become spiritual and loving. This major transformation, and the love of his family, was ultimately what led to his success in overcoming obesity. Between January 2009 and January 2010, he lost a total of 38.7 kilos, or 85 lbs, 6st.1lb.

What’s more, this was done with simple eating and exercise principles. Forming new habits (and being patient) was the key step in losing the weight.

Today, he continues his food regimen and works out regularly, despite being in a wheel chair. He eats healthy food and lives to the maximum.

His website, www.fat-obese-overweight-lose-it.com tells his story of gaining and losing weight. It conveys the ideas and that were needed to overcome the menace of being fat, obese or overweight. His mental attitude and zest for life will inspire anyone in their own fight against the menace of obesity.