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The show is filled with facts about obesity and its trends as the epidemic is sweeping the world, not just the USA or the UK. The show squarely lays blame for this on the growing physical inactivity of those who are obese, and also on High ST fast foods, processed foods, computers and electronic games. The show offers a solution to all these problems laid out in modular fashion on building  awareness of this distressing affliction and addiction.

Over the last two to three decades, over nutrition and obesity have been transformed from relatively minor public health issues to a major threat to public health that is being increasingly seen throughout the world. The show host Oliver Greene author of the book The Menace of Obesity keeps listeners informed.

Listeners will learn about the basic facts on obesity, its trends, its prevalence in men and women, its levels, its cause and other reasons. Overeating, inactivity, and fast food, medications, and diets are also discussed in this informative radio show.

The radios show is also for all people who are trying to get a Healthy Life Style but mostly fail. The show can answer the reasons why so many fail at losing weight. It truly does not begin with dieting and exercise it begins in the mind. That is where people lose out. The mind set has not been sorted first and foremost.

However you approach your new lifestyle, I sincerely wish you every success and look forward to hearing of your success. I know that it’s possible for everyone to overcome obesity and I believe our children can live in a healthy and sustainable manner.

Thank you and look forward to you participating in our show The Menace of Obesity. This is for all folk who wish to lose weight. Make a date and listen in and get involved.

Oliver Greene


“Connect with me every Thursday at 20.00 GMT  time. Listen in at #BlogTalkRadio To take part please call Guest Call-in  001-760-825-0934 between 8 and 8-30pm GMT.” You can also click on the BlogTalk Radio symbol just here. Also can you make the Listen to internet radio with The Menace of Obesity on Blog Talk Radio.


Listen to internet radio with The Menace of Obesity on Blog Talk Radio