Getting Rid of Obesity


Getting Rid of ObesityObesity is nothing but the accumulation of excessive and abnormal fat on the body. Cancer, diabetes and other cardio vascular diseases mainly happens due to obesity. Obesity is calculated in terms of BMI. BMI or Body Mass Index is calculated by height on weight. A person more than 30 BMI is suffering with obesity and any value more than 25 is overweight. Obesity has a strong gene connection. If anyone in the family is suffering obesity, there is a likely chance you will be affected in this disease. Obesity does not happen overnight. All sorts of wrong food habits, no exercise causes obesity. In fact, obesity is very much related to the lifestyle a person follows. People who have less sleeping hours, having some side effects due to continuous medicine are prone to obesity. Intake in high calories, addiction to computer games, sitting idly, absence of proper diet and more intakes of soft drinks paves the way for obesity. If obesity is present in a person, automatically some diseases like heart ailments, high blood pressure, high cholesterols and bone degeneration affects the same person. Those diseases can be fatal if proper action is not taken at a very early stage. To add more woes, obesity carries the high risk of type 2 diabetes, cancer, respiratory troubles, less sleep and even heart attacks.

If obesity is being treated in such a fashion where the weight loss will be in the fast lane, then there may be some bad impacts on that. A gradual decrease in weight is the ideal one in order to have a long life. In fact, it is keeping the weight in a particular range is more important after decreasing it in a normal value. Change in diet can do miracles with more vegetable intake, less soft drinks, more physical exercises keeps obesity away. One has to burn a fair amount of calories in order to overcome obesity. Apart from all of these, there are certain options by which weight can be decreased like Bariatric Surgery and effective hormone combination in a single molecule. Honestly speaking, obesity can be fatal if not taken seriously. Lateness in treating this disease can cause some painful harm in one’s life. It has to be countered from day one. Modern science is enough advanced to solve these issues and a large precaution from our side along with medicine can do wonders. There is no denying of these facts in this respect.