How to Help a Child Obese


Obesity is fast turning into the most common health problem among the children. This problem can be seen among children of all parts of the world but it’s seen especially in the west. Obesity is the extra deposition of body fat. This of course is not a very healthy trend and is a source of number of health problem s in the present world. This problem is a result of eating unhealthy fried food, overeating, inactivity and lack of exercise. Though, a common phenomenon among all age groups, obesity in children is most dangerous. Child obesity can give rise to a number of health problems which may eventually affect the whole life of the child even resulting in the death of the child. As obesity in child is such a serious issue it important that proper care is initiated to fight this menace.

www.the-menace-of-obesity.comTo fight child obesity the greatest support has to come from the parents and the family. In fact parents are so very important as the child can only turn to their parents in their hour of need. Moreover parents are generally idols to their child and so it’s important that they lead by example. It’s also very important that they be with the kinds and guides them through their fight against obesity. There are a number of ways they can do this.

There should be change in the way they perceive the whole process. Rather than set weight loss goals they should concentrate they should focus on healthy living. As a parent one must not pressurize one’s child on reaching specific a weight rather should help them through the process. The pressures generated by parents can backfire landing everyone into greater problems. They should focus more on their children having healthier lifestyle and eat proper nutritious food. Set a diet chart for your troubled child this great way to help and support him to loose weight.

Attitude is the most important factor in your endeavor to help your child. One needs to support the child in the whole process making him or her believe that the goals made are achievable. They need to tell their children that that they can loose the fat and be healthy and fit again. Thrashing the child for having chips or cold drinks wouldn’t help so talk it out. Explain him or her the consequence and why its important for him to loose weight.

Be a part of the process. It is very important that the child sees you be with him or her in the whole process. Eat healthy with her, accompany him/her in the exercise cases, and take those long walks. Arrange games of cricket, soccer and go on family outing which includes tracking and cycling.

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