How to Overcome Obesity


Obese WomanObesity is nothing but the excessive fat cluttered in the human body. This is a disorder in health and it is increasing day by day. There are more people than before who are now obese and this is not at all a cosmetic concern. It is in fact so serious it increases health related problems in the human body. Heart diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure are some common ailments in obesity. It is very much related to individual weight and as per BMI or Body Mass Index. A standard of 25 BMI is acceptable, more than 25 is termed as overweight and more than 30 is obesity. So when it is obesity that means it is a serious affair related to your health. Often overweight and obesity are mixed due to lack of information, but both are different. Overweight is not so dangerous if proper medical check-ups are being done and using modern amenities, it can be sorted out. But, obesity is somehow extreme; it needs medical attention plus a lot of sacrifice in order to regain the earlier health. Dietary changes, more exercise and if required medical attention are the key things to overcome obesity. If it is been done properly, then obesity can be kept at bay and the serious medical consequences avoided.

In fact, obesity worldwide has nearly doubled since 1990 and the figure is a staggering one. This is one of the causes of global death also where around 4 million people die due to this as per the latest report of WHO (World Health Organization). The basic cause of obesity is the imbalance in energy between calories consume and calories lost. So, increase in intake of fat makes a person prone to obesity and physical inactivity adds the salt in the wound. Immediate change in diet and physical exercise can only keep you alive; else no medicine can give you total assurance to live in peace for several years in the future. As an individual, one can limit the intake of energy foods and calories by restraining from fat and sugar. Rather, more fruits and vegetables should be in your diet as well as grain and nuts. Regular workout in the form of walking, cycling are another best options to fight against obesity and all these must be continued for the long term. A disruption in any of those mentioned activities may lead to non-recovery from obesity and the same process may have to start from scratch. So, take the necessary actions before obesity hits you with a bang and you suffer serious medical conditions.