Making the Journey Back


A concern mainly for countries which classify themselves as first world or developed countries is the fact that their population is not growing and on the whole people are sliding towards the higher end of the scale. In todays industrialized world where processes are efficient, and everything is delivered to your doorstep, getting off the couch and moving is getting to be a rarity. Thus – Obesity, according to various different surveys conducted almost 30% of what we consider or call the developed world is obese. There may be a number of reasons for this menace, some would blame the indulgent lifestyle or even go so far as claiming that the overall hustle and bustle – the constant struggle to do more and do better, all the stress combined leads a person to follow the path towards obesity.

Not keeping a normal work and family life balance, or aiming at crossing the finishing line beforehand leaves one with a routine which inevitably is not healthy. So who is to blame, a generation of people who worked for our rights and brought us to this juncture? A society which has its own definition of perfection? The point is, and this is important to understand, you yourselves are responsible for what you do and therefore you become what you do and eventually what you eat.

The main cause of obesity in many leading theories is the ability to differentiate between the right kinds of food groups. What you need and in what kind of quantities, or for someone who is obese – what you don’t need and just forget about the quantity. It is tough though to make the journey back to a much more healthier and fitter you. But just for that one moment think if you do not, what then?