Obesity A Serious Disorder in Human Beings


In the Stone Age men generally thrived on raw meat and uncooked food, but surprisingly they never developed any health or physical problems and this is because they were active. Whatever they wanted they had to work hard to get, whether it was food for which they had to hunt, or withstanding the fierce weather which was beyond their control. Therefore they left no space for developing problems and hence they were healthy. But today things have changed completely. For everything there is a technology. All people need to do today is wait for the technology to perform and serve it before them. Because of such relaxed lifestyle with no physical activity at all, the major problem that mankind is facing is obesity.

Obesity is a menace to mankind, the seed of which has been sowed by them and now they have to bare the fruit. Its birth mainly lies in the laziness and no time for exercise or proper diet. Obesity can also be hereditary but one is completely responsible to carry it generation after generation. It is one of the main causes for many serious diseases like most of the heart related problems occur due to obesity. Teenage girls developing sist in their ovaries, is one of the grave health problems caused due to obesity.

The Menace of Obesity

Obesity could be a menace, but most of the time it occurs because of negligence or ignorance. People today are so busy that they don’t have time for themselves, but the problem needs to be addressed before it takes its toll on our health. The internet provides a well of information on almost everything under the sun, therefore all we need to do is log on to any e-book on obesity and read about its criticality in order to be aware of the degree of danger it holds and how it can be cured.

There is no point to be scared of obesity because it is a condition that is developed due to extra accumulation of fat, so the only way to get rid of it is to get rid of the extra fat. Just like there are e-books providing all information’s on obesity similarly there are sites on the internet that demonstrate yoga positions and exercises that help to reduce or get over obesity. But along with all these exercises one has to also follow a healthy diet that is less on fat and carbohydrate. There are certain people who believe that if you eat less or better starve for few days you can get over obesity that is just not true. Rather you only develop other diseases as your body looses immunity and doesn’t have the strength to fight germs.

Though there are several e-books available on obesity, but one must be very careful on its authenticity, because any miss lead can cost them their life.

Image: digitalart / FreeDigitalPhotos.net