Obesity and Lifestyles


A survey by National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) in 2007-’08 shows 68% of U.S. adults age 20 years and older are obese contradicting the 56% during the period of 1988-’94. The same survey also shows about 17 % children which also contradict 10% of 1988-’94. The reasons for all of these increments are few. But these few facts have the ability to cause the epidemic in the form of obesity. These few lethal facts are:

Obesity and Lifestyle


There was a time when the like was not so fast and doesn’t have so much tensions or anxiety. And now is the time which is completely a contrasting one to all these. So due to fast paced life we doesn’t get so much time to take care of ourselves. If we are hungry, maybe it is before or after a meal, we would like to grab a bite on fast food like burgers, hot dogs, fries, etc. These foods are highly cholesterol one which needs proper burnings. But we being living in temperature controlled area restricted the rate of burning the calories and hence the obesity.

Another common reason, besides the temperature controlled area, is not giving time to the exercise regime that is needed for losing the extra fat. This is happening due to our addiction to TV or computer or laptop. The time we get for rest, we like to utilize them by watching television or browsing nets in our computer or laptop.

Inadequate Sleep:

The modern time is very harsh. So much tension has crept into our daily life-from meeting the deadline to paying EMI-that we are not getting the peace of mind and that’s why we are depriving ourselves from a good night sleep. These improper rests on the body take its toll on the metabolism system and thus causing the obesity.

Moods & Emotions:

Moods and Emotions also played a vital role in the obesity. The teens due to depression of having poor grades or not getting proper attention from classmates go into the states of blue. These let them to have the food more than they eat i.e. overeaten in the carelessness. These cause the obesity in the teens.

All these are common pictures, right? We can relate to these pictures, right?

So what we are doing? Nothing.

And thus the obesity epidemic is becoming inevitable in the near future. If we wanted to prevent this epidemic we should started following a proper lifestyle which will include dedicated daily hours for exercise; we should take time and consider what we are going to eat during hunger; we should do some mental exercise like meditation for stress free mind and the teen should indulge themselves in their hobbies to avoid the blues of teen.