Obesity and Your Libido


The kind of life you would like to have is very much in your reach, you just need to grasp at it. Unfortunately what’s stopping you are your own choices, Obesity or in layman terms being fat and carrying extra weight throughout your life can be a major factor in you not reaching your potential. Think about it, you not being able to run a mile without being out of breath, not being able to fit into what are trendy, not being able to choose for yourself what and when or what you’d like to do. Just because you tip the scale on the father side a bit too much.

Obesity and Your LibidoNew studies have shown that obesity is a major cause of heart disease in most of the developed world; your arteries get clogged as a result of which it becomes difficult for your body to pump the amount of blood required for your system to keep on going. As a result your body becomes your biggest burden, it affect each aspect of your life from leading a normal single to a family life. A big part of this is also your sex drive, your sex life, and your relationships and of course how it also may have an effect on your significant other.

Obesity and your Libido do not go hand in hand; in most cases obese people tend to have an unhappy sex life. After all sex is exhausting, dehydrating and gets the best of you in normal circumstances. An obese person is more likely not to be comfortable with their overall appearance, their body image is shattered and a result they avoid personal contact, slowly becoming emotionally unavailable under the threat of not being able to perform well enough when they reach that point. They simply give up; this is one the biggest menace of obesity. Body image is important; obesity harms that emotion, which is inbuilt in each person.

Looking at a nude self of you in the mirror, an obese person would feel uncomfortable and would want to hide it away from the world. Do yourself a favor and work on it, work on adapting a better lifestyle and better routine. Love yourself enough to make a difference to yourself.