Obesity Can Be a Threat to Your Health


I belong to one of the most influential families in the film industry. Since last three decades my family has been working in films, not to mention my childhood was mainly spent on the floors of many film shooting. With all the glitz and glamour around me even I wanted to act in films. Were the beautiful gowns, romance handsome actors, visit exotic locations etc. But most of my friends would laugh at me, and even my father thought that I could only make up a comedian, all this because I was 95kgs. Obesity ran in my family.

HealthAll my uncles, grand parents and even my own father acted as heroes in numerous films, but the only problem was as they started to age they started putting on wait, no control over diet at all. But that never stopped them to act as they did characters that suited their shape. But I did not want to be a comedian; I wanted to be a mainstream actress.

My obesity left me with a terrible life, I was ort just 95kgs but had also acquired several other health problems which is so common to obesity. I had a bulging tummy, loose muscles, and bad skin because of the unhealthy diet I followed. I had also acquired chronic asthma, because of my over weight. One day secretly I shared my dream of becoming an actress with my mother, surprisingly she was very happy and asked me to dedicate one year of my life in shaping up and then no body could keep me away from stardom.

Since it had to be kept a secret my mother did not enroll me to any gym or yoga class, all I did was search for weight loss technique in several e-books available on the internet and also the right diet to loose weight. I down loaded several yoga postures and exercises that were recommended by several noted masters in the e-books and also took a little help from my mother who herself is a yoga expert. Since I was to heavy weight, therefore even a little cheat on my diet or exercise routine could cost me a lot.

I religiously started following the exercises and practicing the yoga, my diet was also quite strict, and for a year I hadn’t tasted ice cream or chocolate without which living even a day was impossible. I guess the love and passion that I had for my career, must have been more than the love that I shared for sweets. Proper exercises and diet had also brought another miracle to my life. The asthma problem that I had because of obesity was absolutely cured, doctors say that it happens one in every thousands, I guess I was the lucky few, miracles do happen!

After a year I had fully transformed, my body and my skin looked amazing. Now even my father believed that I could be a super star; and obesity, it seems history now; the 95kgs girl has disappeared in thin air. Today I will walk the red carpet for my first film and I have also got a place for my self among the top ten beautiful women of the world.