Obesity: Few Lesser Known Facts


As the time is progressing, we are becoming busier. That’s why junk food is filling up our meal list. If it is lunch and we are hungry, we would like to grab a burger or in some cases high cholesterol foods like potato chips or French fries. These foods don’t feel our stomach but save our time. So we love them. Similarly after returning home and after being freshen up we would like to push ourselves into comfort of couch enjoying the TV.

Obesity: Few Lesser Known Facts

All these changed habits are leading us to an epidemic name Obesity. But these type of meals or lifestyles are not only cause of obesity. There are few more facts that cause obesity. These lesser known facts are common facts that are surrounding us but we don’t pay any attention to them. The lesser known facts can be listed as:

  1. Air pollution can affect the hormones that are controlling the body weight.
  2. Temperature controlled area is good to live, but they restricts the rate of calories to be burned.
  3. Sleep-debt can cause the obesity. This happen because after a meal a metabolism needs proper rest through brain and other organ’s rest. But not sleeping interrupts this process of metabolism rest.
  4. The more the age of pregnant mother the more the child is tending to be obese. It has been seen that if the mother is old enough while giving birth, then her child have the risk to have the obesity.
  5. Certain drugs are also cause for obesity. These include drugs for contraceptives purposes, steroid hormones, diabetes, antidepressants and blood pressure.
  6. The food habits that our ancestors have can also cause obesity. It is a popular belief that ancestors have the ability to alter the way our brains are wired. A genetic mark on our DNA is left due to this.
  7. Sometimes moods and emotions also play a role in becoming obese. If a teen is feeling blue for many days or going through some depressive states or mental turmoil can be effected by obesity. The overeating during this stage of unknown thinking stage works as the catalyst for becoming obese.

So next time if we see a obese person, we shouldn’t take the overeating as the cause of his or her situation. There may be some psychological or genetically problem. We should talk with him or her and help him or her out of the misery; because in near future, obesity going to be an epidemic and if we don’t take of ourselves and the persons in our surrounding this presumption will become evitable from probable.