Obesity in America and The World


Obesity in America

There is an alarming rise in Obesity in America , both in adults and children, and it is growing fastest in Alabama, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. Obesity is now seriously threatening Americans’ futures. In terms of childhood obesity, more than one-third of children aged between 10 to 17 years are obese. It is now been established that even younger children are becoming obese, and we now know what is causing the rise in both child and adult obesity.

Obesity in AmericaYou do not need to be a doctor or scientist to know the reasons why. For a start, we, as parents, are failing our children by allowing them to sit in front of the television all day and night or in front of the computer. We are not getting them or ourselves involved in participating in sports, swimming or biking.

We throw money at them to eat in high street fast [FAT] food restaurants which, as my experience shows, is total fat food and should be eaten no more than once per month, and in all honesty should never be eaten. It should be a treat, but for the majority of parents it is an easier, softer way. There are few families who sit down together to eat a proper meal or go hiking, or do physical exercise together.

Obesity in America

The current population of youngsters is the fattest population ever in the history of the world, not just in the America. Parents are turning a blind eye to this as they themselves are obese. The time for politeness is well past. Blame should be apportioned as follows:

[1] To the governments of any of the countries suffering from obesity since they have failed those who elected them to power. They do not put funding into education of parents;
[2] To schools that serve bad food. Although the situation has improved, a lot more needs to be done;
[3] To schools for failing to provide education for children in how addictive food, alcohol and drugs can be. The three items can be linked together;
[4] To parents, who are not taking their parental duties seriously. Why bring children into the world if you not going to look after them;
[5] To manufacturers of technological devices. While television, the computer, the X-box and all these games are wonderful and are there to be enjoyed, they should only be used as a treat. The number of deaths from blood clotting is on the rise. The obesity rate has just gone ballistic.

What is to be done to help obese people to get a healthier life style and to become role models for their children? It is no wonder that the national football teams around the world are suffering from a lack of brilliant players. It is because schools have sold off their sports fields, and insurance companies are equally to be blamed for their high premiums. It is no small wonder that investigations are now taking place to discover the links between obesity and cancer. It should also be noted that since the rise in the number of fast food outlets, there has also been a rise in obesity and cancer.

We have to promote change in the individual as well as the family. While I appreciate that some areas are too dangerous to allow children to play in, there has to be a gathering of like-minded people who will help in these areas to secure a safe environment for obese people to get together, exercise, swim and arrange safe trips to woods and adventures. It has to be fun. There have to be initiatives to help people to find affordable, healthy foods, safe places for children to play, exercise, swim and bike.

This needs to start immediately, not next week, next month, next year – NOW, cure Obesity in America .

Obesity in America