Obesity Outruns Hunger and Becomes the Number One Global Concern


In the year 1950, the number of people starving across the globe was estimated to be approximately seven hundred million. At that point, around hundred million people were affected by obesity and that too in the rich countries.

Today the situation stands to be quite reversed and has changed alarmingly over sixty four years. As per the reports obtained after numerous studies done in this regard, no low to middle income country has managed to decrease starvation without trending into obesity and very soon at that.

By the year 2010, the world’s starvation had marginally increased to eight hundred million while the number of obese citizens across the globe had inflated to five hundred million. The rate of extreme obesity surged by 350 percent in the past few years in the United States.

Obesity Outruns Hunger and Becomes the Number One Global Concern

The highly processed foods that are rich in carbs and people that are rarely fasting, stand to be the chief drivers of such numbers. Wherever a highly processed food diet becomes the rule, obesity inexorably follows.

In the 1950s, the food that was available was mostly fresh and was grown on a local basis. Today, of all the foods that are eaten, most of them are highly processed foods, filled with harmful fats and sugar and a number of chemical additives.

Probably one of the sturdiest connections of consumption can be seen with that of soda. Since the sweetened beverages are gaining more popularity in developing countries, rates of obesity have started going up along with the sales of beverages.

This is probably why Mexico is topping the chart of being obese. The Mexicans consume high quantities of soda which is greatly a result of lack of access to inexpensive and clean drinking water alternatives that will not make them sick.

Moreover, taking into consideration the alarming surge in childhood obesity, these facts bring forth intense trouble for the future of the health care system, along with the quality of life for a number of people.

A number of parents are seen taking every measure they can to keep their children secured from physical dangers. Nevertheless, most of the parents also feed their kids with harmful foods without giving a thought to the consequences in the future. And it is certainly about the occasional treat here and there that is being referred to. Parents in general as well, feed their kids with highly processed foods that make them obese later on. Hence, it is imperative for the parents that they make smarter and better food choices for their kids.