Obesity – The Big Fat Story


What is Obesity all about?

Too much accumulation of excessive and abnormal fat on human body is termed as Obesity. Naturally, it is the root cause for a number of chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes and cardio vascular ailments. In fact, obesity is being calculated as per BMI (Body Mass Index) which is the output of a person’s weight (KG) divided by his height (Sq. Mtr). As per guidelines of WHO, the parent body, a person with more than 25 BMI is termed as overweight and more than 30 BMI is obesity.

The Big Fat Story

Why Obesity?

No doubt, obesity can’t happen in a day or two. It is the effect of some bad practices done for several years and there are some cases where the gene factor comes into play. If the family members or ancestors had obesity, then there are possibility to flow the same gene downward. But, apart from this biological reasons, there are several factors which influences obesity. Consuming too much calories while leading a sedentary lifestyle can significantly increase obesity. Even less sleeping hours, endocrine disruptions, side effect of some continuous medicines also do contribute significantly in terms of obesity. Less work and more sitting idle with either computer games or television, consumption of lots of soft drinks, absence of proper balanced diet are also some genuine causes of obesity.

What Obesity does?

Obesity is instrumental in creating various diseases those are troublesome and fatal. Bone and cartilage degeneration, Coronary heart diseases, gallbladder, high blood pressure and cholesterols are very much common outcomes in terms of obesity. Also some other ailments like type 2 diabetes, heart attacks, sleep apnea, cancer and respiratory related problems also come into prominence if a person is having obesity.

How to overcome Obesity?

As per experts, a gradual decrease in weight is best advisable for obsessed people as sudden fall often creates some physical issues in human body. And not only achieving healthy weight is an important aspect, but also to maintain that weight is equally important for any obsessed person. Dietary changes in the form of reducing daily calorie intake, fair amount of vegetable consumption along with more physical activity to burn calorie. There are also some other options available like weight loss surgery commonly known as Bariatric Surgery (Restrictive & Malabsorptive Procedures) and combining two hormones in one molecule in case the situation is more critical.


Truly, obesity is that type disease which can call some other fatal ailments in order to make life troublesome. With the advancement of medical science, surely there are several options to reduce this and many people are benefited using those. But, as the age old proverb says “Prevention is always better than Cure”, so utmost care must be taken to prevent excessive fat generation on human body. Else some painful time is on the cards.