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If you’re looking for a way, to brighten up you day, tired of feeling sick and tired, sick of younger and slimmer being hired.. No need to exhaust yourself with shame, it’s time to stop making excuses, start accepting some blame, take control of your own life, whether your husband or wife, sister or brother, father, aunt or a mother, there’s always an answer if you seek simple knowledge, so through a copy of Oliver Greene’s book you should rummage, the answers are there, don’t ignore alarming facts, All you need is help from others that care, Even if you feel like the weight’s too much to bare, don’t bare it alone, there are others that care to share, Just remember “The Menace of Obesity” is there!

So if your thinking that there is no answer, there are brighter days coming, forget obesity and cancer, life is full of living, the energy to thrive, the joy of life just confirms your alive!”

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