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 If you’re looking for a way, to brighten up you day, tired of feeling sick and tired, sick of younger and slimmer being hired.. No need to exhaust yourself with shame, it’s time to stop making excuses, start accepting some blame, take control of your own life, whether your husband or wife, sister or brother, father, aunt or a mother, there’s always an answer if you seek simple knowledge, so through a copy of Oliver Greene’s book you should rummage, the answers are there, don’t ignore alarming facts, All you need is help from others that care, Even if you feel like the weight’s too much to bare, don’t bare it alone, there are others that care to share, Just remember “The Menace of Obesity” is there!

So if your thinking that there is no answer, there are brighter days coming, forget obesity and cancer, life is full of living, the energy to thrive, the joy of life just confirms your alive!”

Over 97 million people are obese or overweight in the United States alone, and obesity is now the second leading cause of death. In the past twenty years many countries have begun to catch up to the US and now the affliction has become a global epidemic.

While the above data is disturbing, there is something more horrifying than the statistics.

Obesity is a choice; we are collectively eating ourselves to death.

Worldwide Obesity is not a diet book, a fad program, or a memoir. It is a no-holds-barred attempt at opening the eyes of a sleepy, passive generation and forcing them to face the truth. This isn’t going away. In fact, the numbers are increasing faster than ever and stopping it takes one individual at a time. Knowledge is the key to reversing this trend, not adding up calories or complicated and expensive menu plans. Discover why obesity exists, and you have the cure. It’s all right here within the pages.

Here’s a look at the eye-opening topics inside:

  • The Alarming Obesity Situation
  • Classifications and Assessments of Obesity
  • Education and Treatment
  • Three Proven Therapies
  • The Pros and Cons of Surgery
  • Obesity Management Techniques
  • And more

Oliver Greene is also the author of Fighting Childhood Obesity and is dedicated to creating awareness about an epidemic affecting people young and old and from every walk of life. While his focus is on education, he also supports his findings with carefully researched cures for those whose lifestyles are the culprit.

Take control of your future today. Being overweight is not your destiny; it’s a consequence of daily choices. Obesity Worldwide is a helpful, yet no-nonsense guide to getting yourself on the right track. Its factual advice and informative charts and illustrations provide everything you need to start living a healthier tomorrow.

Aimed at promoting wellness and optimum health, The Encyclopedia of Herbs, Fruits & Vegetables is a book of knowledge that details the benefits derived from herbs, fruits, and vegetables. From an informative discussion on the origin and development of herbs, fruits, and vegetables to the wonders they could create, readers will explore a comprehensive list of items from these three groups with their classification, uses and importance, medicinal and nutritiional values, and so much more. It is a perfect guide to help anyone find a better way to improve their health, cure ailments, prevent illnesses, and live a healthy inexpensive lifestyle.

Through The Encyclopedia of Herbs, Fruits & Vegetables, readers will learn how to be wise in securing their health, deal with their health problems, and uncover the powers of the herbs, fruits and vegetables—which will eventually lead them to boost their wellbeing.