Point of No Return


Making the right lifestyle choices can a world of difference to who we are and what we aspire to do with our lives. On the other hand it is becoming more and more difficult, the reasons are far and many and sometimes we just justify them to ourselves, the fact is we are putting ourselves second, but this is only in the short run – in the long run we are losing. Obesity is slowly becoming a part of who we are and what we do, by making an unconscious or a conscious decision in at times we are maintaining it, inviting it into our lives and along with it the many issues that it brings with itself.

You may be young right now and not care because you achieve all the different tasks you set yourself, but in reality you are playing a dangerous game with yourself. Earlier you need to understand the many issues and problems which you may face due to being obese. First of all there are the health issues, and there are many – don’t kid yourself, old age isn’t an easy place to be and with the added issues which are caused by being obese you reach it sooner than you expect.

Be fair with yourself today; learn to respect yourself as a person to make all the right choices for you. Or the consequences will be dire, you won’t like them and realization will strike once you pretty much reach a point of no return.