Psychosocial Consequences of Childhood Obesity


Obesity as we all know is the accumulation and deposition of extra fat in human body. This can result in an individual being overweight. The causes for obesity mostly indicate an unhealthy life style which includes eating the wrong kind of food, inactivity, laziness and no exercise. Because of this a multiple health problems can arise which may have both short term and long term effects on an individual. People of all age groups and gender are affected by this phenomenon. But among all it’s the kids who have to suffer the greatest consequences of this disease. That is because they have the whole life left to be lived and the extra weight turns out be a burden or liability for a child obese. Often this leads to large psychological effects on a child suffering from obesity.

These psychological problems arise when a child realizes that he is different from many of the children who are around him. This often raises complex thoughts within a child’s mind. This is of course a very adverse situation mentally for a child to be in. He realizes that he is being looked down upon, by the whole world for being “fat”. He feels helpless and frustrated. Being a child he often cannot express himself or herself that well. It’s important that a child is helped and guided by his or her family and friends properly. Often the psychological consequence of child obesity among child is stereotype.

Being a child obese automatically means that the child is unhealthy. That is because if he has had a proper healthy life he would not have landed as the fat boy or girl. This fat boy or girl tag creates a deep impact on the child’s life. A child obese is generally lazy and has a very low concentration level which of course affects the work he or she does. This often results in low academic results, which in turn act as a psychosocial burden for the child. Again this raises the stress level which is never wished for.

Social burdens for any child obese are simply huge. Literally everyone seems to have something to say about a child abuse. The ill-comments the laughs the back biting tends to have a huge affect on a child obese mind. This leads to the child lacking interest in going out anywhere. Even not to school and near by park. This again adds to the inactivity of the child which is something not recommended to any obesity patient.

It is often observed that child obese as young as Five tend to develop a negative self-image. This in turn results in poor degree of self-esteem. This can lead to emotional drawbacks and affect an child obese life mentally.

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