The Fatal Disease – Obesity


When excess fat in a body is being accumulated, then it is called obesity as per medical terminology. Naturally, it creates a negative impact on anyone’s body as overweight comes into play. Every person has their average BMI (Body Mass Index) based on height and weight and there is a standard procedure that more than 25 BMI is termed as overweight and more than 30 BMI is called obesity. Naturally, obesity draws several ailments those are not at all helpful for the human body. For example, heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis and certain segments of cancer are the diseases that have evolved out of obesity.  If  one goes into the deep root causes, why obesity happens, then the finger points towards the lifestyle enjoyed by a particular person. Excessive junk food intake, lack of physical activity, sitting in a place for hours are one of the main reasons of obesity. In fact, apart from all these causes, genetically also obesity flows downward, thus if anyone has obesity in the family, there are chances that other’s will be obese as well. Endocrine disorder, psychiatric illness also causes obesity as well as side effects of some medicines, specially the pain reliever medicines. As the metabolism rate is slow in cases of these people, despite eating fewer amounts, they put on excessive weight in the process.

The Fatal Disease - ObesityAs far as treatments are concerned, proper and controlled diet is the key. If a person suffering from obesity can have control over the diet they are consuming, there are possibilities to come out from obesity. For that, high calorie foods, soft drinks, junk foods have to be discarded without hesitation. Also physical exercise is must for obese persons. Unless you burn out your excess calories, obesity can never be cured. Regular walking, cycling, going into a gym for some other fitness exercise are the best option to keep aside obesity. High fat enabled foods are strictly banned same as spicy ones. Anti obesity drugs are also in the market as per proper guideline by a doctor. This too helps to reduce obesity. If all these options like exercise, diet and medicine fails and obesity goes into an extreme condition, and then gastric balloons can be used. In fact, after years of study, in 2013, AMA (American Medical Association) has classified obesity as a disease. There are a quite a number of people who are dying due to this fatal disease. In this century, this is the most serious health issue ever encountered by medical practitioners and parents, schools, councils, and government departments are working on how to remove obesity from society.