Understanding the Menace of Obesity


Being overweight is something we all detest. From crazy diets, to slimming centers, figure correction surgeries, hitting the gym, dance classes, yoga and what not have we tried to shed that extra fat. The Menace of Obesity is a little more than being fat. It is the accumulation of fat in the body to such an extent that it can cause some serious life threatening damages to your health.

Obesity is a condition which does not look so dangerous but it has the capacity to cause tremendous harm. The body fat may get distributed all over the body or get concentrated on the stomach, or hips and thighs. BMI or Body Mass Index is the scale used to measure how obese you are. Ideally your BMI should be 18 to 25, any rating more than this puts you in the obese category.

A number of factors are responsible behind your obesity. When you consume more calories than you burn, it gives a chance to the fat to accumulate around your body, making you obese. Genetics has also a hand or two behind obesity. It has been found after thorough research in the field that if one parent is overweight, the children are likely to be overweight or obese.

Over eating is another reason behind obesity. We often have dinner, or lunch, while watching TV, and we are so engrossed in it, we hardly realize that we are eating more than the regular portions. Irregular meals are another cause behind overeating and gaining weight. Lack of minimal physical activity is harmful when it comes to rapid weight gain. Too much consumption of alcohol is also a major cause behind weight gain. The menace of obesity has far reaching effects than we actually consider it to be. Over time, it could lead to serious heart diseases. Diabetes also can creep in your system for you being overweight.  Thyroid conditions have a direct relation to obesity. 2 types of thyroids are found; one that makes one lose weight rapidly while the other one makes one gain more weight over time, thereby worsening the heart functions.

Other problems include, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), leading to infertility in women and insulin resistance. Metabolic syndrome is another common menace of obesity. This includes a cluster of health problems like hypertension, high blood sugar, and abnormal lipid levels in the body. This raises the risk of a stroke, heart attack, kidney failure. Excess fat in the body helps the ‘bad cholesterol’ to strengthen its hold on the heart, which is a perfect recipe for heart diseases.

Image: digitalart / FreeDigitalPhotos.net