Why and What Makes It All Happen


By its definition, it may be easy to understand what or why someone is considered Obese – however to deal with it is a completely different matter altogether. A person is considered to be suffering from obesity if they have an excess storage of fat rather than their natural body mass or weight. For Men the range is more than 25% while on the other hand for women the acceptable range is below 30% – although it can be said most women would not agree with that definition.


Dealing with this can be a life long struggle, and most people who embark on this journey can tell you how painstaking it can be. At the end of which they still consider themselves just a bit over the top and still would like to work of that fat. For some, they hit the genetic jackpot – their own metabolism is for them and therefore no matter how much they eat they remain slim and fit.

It is important to understand however that in any given circumstance that the journey will begin and end with you. It matters if you take care of yourself; it matters if you love yourself that much not to over indulge. And finally the most important factor of all, what motivates you, the single most important factor which make you want to reduce your weight, get fit, look good and feel good as well. Most studies find that no one is obese by choice, but choose to ignore their own wellbeing and therefore immerse themselves in a lifestyle which basically renders them obese. This could be simply for the love of food, some like it sweet other can’t keep their hands of fast food and the list goes on.

However a more serious concern is the mental and emotional state of a person which basically drives them to seek refuge and shelter in the warmth of many comfort foods. The world is cruel to you, have a burger – someone was unkind to you take it out on yourself by having a candy bar. It is this kind of attitude towards oneself which is difficult to rectify, in most cases even impossible.

In the end what is important to consider is that people struggling with weight problems usually tend to do so for a variety of different reasons. And depending upon what they are they should look towards help and eventually to improve upon themselves by following a healthy and well to do lifestyle.